Reggae En Espanol, Buju Banton Calls It Culture Appropriation

Two years ago, I came across an interview by Dancehall Legend Buju Banton seemingly calling out Panamanian Reggae artist, El General as a " Culture Vulture". Buju went on to referring to Panama and Puerto Rican music and culture as one of the same. I want it to be known that Buju is actually my favorite artist so I took it personal when he made such comment. Did he not know the relationship between Panama and Jamaica? Did he not know of the Jamaican influence in Panama due to the building of the canal? either way I was offended. I took to my youtube channel to share my thoughts on Buju's Comments

I must admit that I left out some major points in this video because I was so emotional :)

However this Friday we are finally getting to the bottom of this once and for all. Tomorrow we have the pioneer of Reggae en Espanol, Renato joining us live. We will discuss the history of Reggae in Spanish, Reggaeton, what @bujubanton said and much more!

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